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The biggest MaticPolygon sale and purchase in Indonesia since 2015. Easy, anytime & anywhere 24 hours without days off. Triv is integrated with 61 banks & E-money in Indonesia, since 2015 Triv has been used by millions of people to transact MATIC.

Price Chart (1 MATIC)

Rp. 8,577   5.2%


High Liquidity

The spread or difference in the price of buying and selling MaticPolygon Triv is one of the lowest in the market today. With our brokerage system you don't have to wait for another buyer/seller to make a transaction. All buy/sell transactions can be done instantaneously and in real-time without any waiting process.

Regulated and Insured

Since 2015 Triv has been used by millions of people, all customer funds in our system are insured by Bitgo and Lloyd England for 100 million USD or equivalent to 1.45 trillion rupiah.
Triv is an official broker registered and supervised by Bappebti.

What you can buy with MATIC in Triv

Triv app allows you to buy, sell, trade – as well swap and staking – crypto currencies. Triv is the most comprehensive and secure trading platform to manage and develop the value of your portfolio according to the current crypto currencies price.

24-hrs Buy, Sell & Trade MaticPolygon

Unlike traditional investment instruments, Crypto market has no holidays. You can sell your MaticPolygon in real-time to your bank / e-wallet in seconds even on holidays.

Sending MaticPolygon

Since it is digital, sending MaticPolygon can be as easy as sending an email. Crypto also doesn't have any physical borders the way dollars or euros do. We may call it the future currency. Sending MaticPolygon is free of charge from a fellow Triv users!

Receiving MaticPolygon

You can receive MaticPolygon through your Triv account instantly. Since crypto is unlimited financial ecosystem.

HODLL MaticPolygon

The fact is MATIC HODLER get higher returns compared with MATIC trader. Therefore, HODL your MATIC in Triv, in protection under insurance of Bigo & Llyod England up to USD100 million or equivalent to 1.45 trillion Rupiahs.

Swap MaticPolygon

There are 65+ supported cryptocurrencies in Triv platform and counting. You can enjoy the benefits of the 24/7 crypto staking service in real time.

Pay Bills with MaticPolygon

You can exchange MATIC coin for fiat money in Triv platform, to pay bills such as: phone bills, credit, and even the electricity token.

Earn yield by Staking Axie Infinity

Staking helps secure the proof of stake coin protocol and in return you will earn interest on your coins. Unlike traditional deposits, staking interest can be withdrawn on a daily or weekly period.
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Average LiveChat Responds

Livechat and Call center support service in Triv, ready to help you 24/7
* Updated Real-Time


Average Processing Time

Automatic and zero-downtime transaction in Triv. Since 2015, Triv run its operation without incurring downtime
* Updated Real-Time

MaticPolygon Indonesia

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