Earn Additional Income With Crypto Staking

Earn extra income by staking your favorite crypto.
The way Crypto Staking works is by securing the associated coin protocol and in return you will earn interest on your coins.
Unlike bank deposits, staking interest can be taken daily or weekly.
Watch our youtube video to learn complete tutorial step to do Triv Staking

By using Triv staking, you will earn additional income while HODLing your coin, it is suitable for long term investor that believe the growth of your coin ecosystem. No fee, No risk and Insured for your all Triv staking transactions.

Benefits of staking crypto on Triv

  • 100% Insured

    Triv cold storage is insured by Bitgo custodian & Lloyd England up to 100 million USD .

  • 0% Fee

    Receive interest without any deductions, the interest shown is the interest you get clean.

  • Dividend Yield

    Interest is distributed regularly and you can disburse it directly to 61 banks & E-wallet supported by the Triv system 24 hours without holidays.

Get Started

Guide on how to easily stake crypto on TRIV

Pick your favorite coin

Choose from a variety of coins supported by Triv. Crypto Staking is suitable for long-term investors who believe in the growth of the coin.

Set stake amount

Enter your desired amount to be staked, you can start staking as low as 100.000 IDR within Triv system.

Happy earning !

You will receive your interest daily or weekly , All interest can be withdrawn to bank instantly or re-stake and grow bigger with your staking stash.
Stake Asset
Amount Stake
Annual Yield (Est.)
Daily Reward (Est.)
Yearly Reward (Est.)

The calculation above is only an indicative calculation, staking interest can change at any time according to supply and demand on the related on-chain.

What Coins Can Be Staked at TRIV?

Start from now. Choose your favorite asset and grow your crypto with TRIV, the best Crypto Staking in Indonesia
EthereumStaking Ethereum with Interest 2.2%/year now.Stake Now
BNBStaking BNB with Interest 0.02%/year now.Stake Now
TetherUSDStaking TetherUSD with Interest 4.46%/year now.Stake Now
DashStaking Dash with Interest 5.19%/year now.Stake Now
Matic PolygonStaking Matic Polygon with Interest 4.18%/year now.Stake Now
AaveStaking Aave with Interest 3.72%/year now.Stake Now
USDCoinStaking USDCoin with Interest 4.18%/year now.Stake Now
DAIStaking DAI with Interest 1.21%/year now.Stake Now
PolkadotStaking Polkadot with Interest 11.32%/year now.Stake Now
TezosStaking Tezos with Interest 4.56%/year now.Stake Now
TheGraphStaking TheGraph with Interest 13.6%/year now.Stake Now
CompoundTokenStaking CompoundToken with Interest 0.52%/year now.Stake Now
ChainlinkStaking Chainlink with Interest 0.03%/year now.Stake Now
CardanoStaking Cardano with Interest 1.32%/year now.Stake Now
AxieInfinityStaking AxieInfinity with Interest 27.67%/year now.Stake Now
PancakeSwapStaking PancakeSwap with Interest 0.5%/year now.Stake Now
SolanaStaking Solana with Interest 5.19%/year now.Stake Now
LunaClassicStaking LunaClassic with Interest 3.0%/year now.Stake Now
TronStaking Tron with Interest 2.86%/year now.Stake Now
ApeStaking Ape with Interest 1.0%/year now.Stake Now
FantomStaking Fantom with Interest 1.0%/year now.Stake Now
Luna 2.0Staking Luna 2.0 with Interest 3.0%/year now.Stake Now
CurveDAOStaking CurveDAO with Interest 0.67%/year now.Stake Now
CosmosStaking Cosmos with Interest 15.66%/year now.Stake Now
Ethena USDeStaking Ethena USDe with Interest 4.45%/year now.Stake Now
CoreStaking Core with Interest 7.47%/year now.Stake Now

FAQ (Crypto Staking Related Questions)

Crypto Staking is the process of locking your coins in a proof of stake blockchain to secure the coin network for dividend yield. The interest is the interest of the associated blockchain protocol and not of Triv.
Crypto Staking is a very suitable investment for investors who have a long-term view, because as long as you HODL the coins you will continue to earn interest. So that during the investment process, your coins can also grow in nominal coin terms.
Crypto Staking is a complex procedure to be done alone. Not only require intensive capital to start staking but an expertise on IT is required. For example, if you choose to stake ETH by yourself, ETH requires minimum 32 ETH to start staking or equal to 1.5 Billion rupiah during this article is written.

In addition, there are various risks of crypto staking from IT parties that can cause capital loss or known as slashing if the staking process is not done properly such as offline validator servers and so on, causing your staking funds to be penalized.

By staking in Triv, we warranty your capital from various risk that can happen during staking process and you can start just by 100.000 IDR .

Since our founding in 2015, Triv has 0 downtime and perfect record of security. Triv is certified ISO27001 , CISA & PCI DSS 6.6

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