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Tokenized stock is regulated by BAPPEBTI within letter no. 11 / 2022. Triv is supervised and regulated by BAPPEBTI
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Tesla Stocks, Netflix, Paypal, Amazon, Nokia, Zoom
Google Stocks, Coinbase, Pfizer, Uber, Spotify
Tesla Stocks, Netflix, Amazon, Nokia, Zoom, Uber, Coinbase

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American Stocks on Triv

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With High Uptime And Low Latency Platform, Triv Provides Cutting-Edge Technology For Traders To Trade And Invest In Our Platform

American Stocks on Triv

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Triv Is One Of The Lowest Spread Brokerage In The Market Right Now, Our Deep Liquidity Has Help Millions Of Investors And Traders In Indonesia To Execute Their Trading Strategy.

Triv Servers Without Downtime
Triv Servers Without Downtime

Triv with multiple payment methods

Triv Is Integrated To 61 Banks In Indonesia And Various E-Wallet Such As Gopay, Shopee, OVO And DANA. Get Your Balance Topup And Withdrawal Instantly 24/7
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US Stock Trading Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

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Tokenized stock is a traditional stocks on blockchain, 1 token represent 1 share of stock as its underlying asset. Unlike traditional market, stock trading on Triv opens 24/7 .

Similar with traditional stock, you will also earn dividend on every stock token that you hold. Unlike traditional stock market , dividend from stock token can be withdrawn 24/7 instantly to all indonesian banks and digital wallet supported by Triv system.

Anyone over 17 years old and holding KTP can register and trade tokenized stock on Triv.

Beside trading fee Triv imposed, there is no additional cost to trade tokenized stock.

Is there limitation?

Sky is your limit!
Tokenized stock reflect the price of share on traditional broker. You can trade as much as you need or HODL and invest the stock based on your preferences

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Disclaimer : Tokenized Stocks can be highly volatile and illiquid, especially when their primary listing exchange is closed. Please exercise your judgement and caution upon trading on Triv