Use Triv Wallet for anything, Buy, Top up Phone and Send Money to anyone. Triv connects real-time to 100 Indonesia banks.

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Real-Time Transactions...

Beli dan jual berbagai e-currency, broker secara real-time dari 100 bank di Indonesia

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Real Time Deposit

Real Time Deposit

Pay and Get paid in real-time From 100 banks in Indonesia. 24/7 No Offline Time.

Real Time Withdrawal

Real Time Withdrawal

Withdraw to any bank of your choices in real-time. Triv supports withrawal to 100 Indonesia banks!

Real Time Transaction

24/7 Transaction and support

No Holiday, No sleeping time. Triv supports and Transaction runs 24/7.

Link your e-currency account.

Triv automatically swap your virtual currency into cash within seconds, Without the need to login or sending funds manually.

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