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Check the ZIL IDR price exchange rate so you can observe the movement of Zilliqa prices, either with a line or candle display in real time. The price of Zilliqa against rupiah changes all the time, so you need to convert ZIL to IDR and vice versa with a price calculator. This calculator will help you calculate the number of ZIL coins that you can get with the deposit balance you have. Install the Triv app now and buy ZIL coins easily

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Zilliqa is a permissionless public blockchain designed to offer high throughput with the ability to complete thousands of transactions per second (TPS).
Prateek Saxena, Max Kantelia and Juzar Motiwalla
Zilliqa was created to solve blockchain scalability and speed problems by using sharding as a second layer scaling solution.

Platform is also the 'home' for many decentralized applications (dApps).

In a 2018 position paper, his team stated that the platform 'aims to rival traditional centralized payment methods such as VISA and MasterCard.'
The Zilliqa network was created in June 2017
There is no clear record of the location of Zilliqas creation.
Zilliqa claims to be the worlds first public blockchain that completely relies on sharding network.

This allows it to achieve high throughput and high transaction rates per second.

From there, this is expected to solve the scalability problem because each shard processes transactions individually.

As the network grows and the number of shards< /i> increases, the number of transactions that can be processed per second also increases.

In addition, records are added to the Zilliqa blockchain immediately after processing, meaning no additional time is required for confirmation.

In October 2020, this platform also allows for staking and yield farming.
21,000,000,000 ZIL
15,110,836,200 ZIL (As of October 5, 2021)
11,820,000,000 ZIL (As of 5 October 2021)
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