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4 October 2022

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Market cap

IDR 122T

Volume (24h)

IDR 2.82T

Circulating Supply

IDR 133M

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Crypto News

DOGE is an open source digital currency with peer-to-peer technology bearing the Shiba Inu dog logo. Dogecoin is also known as a crypto meme.
Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer
Dogecoin was created as a result of the Litecoin fork.

This cryptocurrency was created to entertain and satirize the crypto market which was very serious at the time.
Dogecoin was created in December 2013 using a different Proof-of-Work technology, namely Scrypt technology.
Dogecoin was created in Sydney Australia.
Dogecoin is transacted peer-to-peer on a dedicated network over the internet and is encrypted to prevent copying of crypto units or counterfeiting.

Dogecoin is earned by mining crypto, which usually coincides with mining Litecoin.
130.608.866.340 DOGE (As of 27 July 2021)
130.610,000,000 DOGE (As of 27 July 2021)
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