DAI Price (DAI to IDR)

29 January 2023

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Market cap

IDR 87.4T

Volume (24h)

IDR 2.05T

Circulating Supply

IDR 5.84M

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Crypto News

DAI is an Ethereum-based stablecoin whose issuance and development is managed by Maker Protocol and the autonomous decentralized organization MakerDAO.
DAI is not created by a single person or by a small group of co-founders.

Instead, the development of the software that supports it and the issuance of new tokens are governed by MakerDAO and the Maker Protocol.
DAI was created to be a stablecoin that is soft pegged to the US dollar and guaranteed by a mix of other cryptocurrencies.
Dai was founded in 2017
There is no clear record of where Dai was created.
DAI tokens are pegged to assets of relatively stable value, the most common being traditional fiat currencies such as the US dollar or euro.

DAI is managed not by a private company, but by a decentralized autonomous organization via software protocols .

As a result, all instances of token issuance and burning are publicly managed and logged by Ethereum self-executed smart contracts, making the entire system more transparent and less prone to corruption.

Software development process DAI is regulated in a more democratic way, namely through direct voting by regular participants of the token ecosystem.
5,599,714,132 DAI (As of 30 July 2021)
5,600,000,000 DAI (As of 30 July 2021)
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